Georges River’s COVID Safe Event Program | St George & Sutherland Shire Leader

The Georges River Council has approved a program of COVID-19 safe community events for 2021/22.

This follows the success of the Council’s first COVID safe program, launched last year in the wake of the pandemic.

Scalable events have become the new normal, which means that the size of the events can be revised in accordance with public health executive orders.

November 2021 – “Mobile Musos” with local artists to perform live music in the city squares throughout the local government area. Performances will be scheduled on weekends, weekdays at lunchtime or in the evening.

December 2021 – Christmas in the Georges River. This will include Christmas decorations throughout city centers throughout the LGA.

The annual Christmas light competition is not held due to low participation in last year’s competition.

Instead, funds will be redistributed to improve the quality and distribution of Christmas decorations in city centers across the LGA.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 restrictions on assemblies over the next few months, the Magic of Christmas event will not continue.

Instead, there will be a drive-in Christmas Carols event at Carss Park.

Community groups and entertainers will deliver a Christmas stage show that the public will be able to see from the safety of their vehicles.

The council is also seeking a partnership with the NSW Department of Education to install an ice rink at a local school during the Christmas period.

January 2022 – Australia Day Awards Ceremony and Citizenship Ceremony will be held again in the Marana Auditorium.

February 2022 – “In Good Taste” food festival. Little Lunar 2022 will be the flagship event of the month “In Good Taste”. The event will be held in Hurstville Plaza, which encourages local business and cultural performances.

April 2022 – Youth Month will see a program of interactive and accessible events across the LGA aimed at engaging local youth.

Following on from the success of the “It’s a Mood” program in 2021, the events will include an Esports tournament, a pop-up skate park, online training courses focusing on life skills such as resume writing and preparing to join the workforce, and an intergenerational chess competition.

June 2022 – “A[contained]The three-day art festival is expected to grow after the success of the 2021 event, which attracted over 26,000 people.

The event will once again transform Belgrave Street, Kogarah into an interactive art tour featuring both international and local artists.

Local business and food vendors will be engaged, boosting the local economy and encouraging people to explore and enjoy Kogarah town center. “Un[contained]”is tentatively scheduled for June 24-26, 2022.



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