GM’s Chevy Bolt plant receives $ 1.3 billion in tax rebate to increase electric car production

Orion Township approved General Motors’ (GM) request for a $ 1.3 billion tax rebate on its proposed investment to expand the Orion Assembly Plant, the facility that makes the Chevy Bolt. The Orion Assembly Plant will also produce GM’s other electric vehicles.

GM plans to introduce 30 new electric vehicles to the global automotive market by 2025, and the Orion Assembly Plant will play a key role in its goals. The plant currently produces Chevy Bolt EV and Bolt EUV. The car manufacturer also performs Cruise AV tests at the factory.

According to GM’s official application for the tax rebate: “The proposed investment is primarily for the construction of additional additions and land improvements to support the production of electric vehicles.”

The old carmaker’s investment of $ 1.3 billion will go to land and building improvements. It does not include the cost of additional land or new machinery, equipment, etc. The Orion Assembly plant opened in 1983 on 433 acres of land. The existing plant measures 4.3 million square meters.

GM wants to start improving its Chevy Bolt plant by July 1, 2022, and plans to complete the project by December 31, 2025. The company formally requested permission to complete construction within 12 years, “plus 3 years (until 31 December 2025) to complete the construction, ”in its application.

GM estimates that approximately 2,000 jobs will be created or maintained by December 31, 2028 due to the $ 1.3 billion improvement to the Orion Assembly Plant. As of June 2021, GM reported that 1,181 people are working at the Orion Assembly Plant, supported by the UAW Local 5960 union. The company noted that the population of the Orion Assembly Plant was based on location and not on full-time equivalent.

“Why I am in favor of this is because this is a $ 1.3 billion investment in the facility and it will preserve our jobs in the future. I would like to congratulate General Motors and the UAW on this,” said Mike Flood, a township shop steward. “

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GM’s Chevy Bolt plant receives $ 1.3 billion in tax rebate to increase electric car production

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