Great support for Russell, Ont. woman out $ 168,000 in renovation costs

OTTAWA – After many months of waiting, there are signs of progress at Allison Brookes’ house in Russell, Ont.

“They only started on Tuesday, they’ve already had the bathroom remodeled, they’re working on installing the ceiling in the living room, which had already started to fall down,” Brookes said of the major renovations that restarted this. week.

Brookes hired a new contractor and crew after she claimed the last person she hired took nearly $ 170,000 and did not complete the job, leaving her house in disarray.

“Since the story was sent, I have had a few contractors contact me privately via Facebook and offer to give us a hand,” she said. “And also from Russell. It’s a great little community, so it’s been really nice for the community to come out and offer to help.”

Ottawa police have charged Cory Cahill with 65 offenses, including fraud, threats, misconduct and forgery, after several people reported to police with charges against him.

In a statement to CTV News, Cahill’s lawyer wrote: “Mr. Cahill intends to settle any outstanding disputes with his former clients, or have the cases adjudicated in Small Claims Court. Mr. Cahill denies any criminal liability.”

Many CTV News Ottawa viewers also reached out to help Brookes. She says she is grateful for any extra help she can get.

“I should have researched more, but the fact that people will overlook it and are willing to help us means the world to us,” she said. “The bathroom and the stairs would be wonderful if we could get it done for Christmas.”


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