Halloween Gets Glow in the Dark poster by Tyler Stout and Gray Matter Art

Fans of John Carpenter‘s Halloween received an early pampering back in April when Gray Matter Art released a stunning limited edition poster by the artist Tyler Stout. Now, just in time for Michael Myers’ big day, Gray Matter Art is releasing a new Glow in the Dark variant, which goes on sale in the GMA Shop at 13:00 ET on October 31st. Create a calendar event if you wish, because this limited edition variant will definitely be sold out soon!

True to faith, Stout’s Halloween the poster highlights everything fans love about Carpenter’s original classic, and brings together the characters and motifs in a striking design. Take a look at two different photos of the poster below. The first replaces the orange accents of the original Stout poster with the eerie light green elements. The second image gives you an idea of ​​the cool glow in the dark effect you will see when you turn off the light … if you dare!


Image via Universal

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With David Gordon Green‘s Halloween kills Tyler Stout’s posters prove that no one is safe from Michael Myers’ silent, stalking form, reminding fans that it all started back in 1978. All the characters on the Stout poster are represented in the new film: Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), surviving Lindsey (Kyle Richards), Sheriff Leigh Brackett (Charles Cyphers), Dr. Sam Loomis (portrayed by the late, great Donald Pleasance in the original film and played by Tom Jones Jr. and spoken by Colin Mahan in the restart continuity), and of course Shape himself at the center of it all.

While Halloween kills may be David Gordon Greens The empire strikes back (for better or worse) the middle part of Green’s trilogy serves only to highlight the frightening nature of Michael Myers’ pathology and brings the trauma that his killing spree has left behind in sharp relief. Ignoring the many successors to Carpenter’s original and taking a new path was a brave creative move and the success of the 2018 agreement and Halloween kills is perhaps a signal that this kind of approach can rejuvenate some classic horror franchises long ago written off as irrelevant.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the 2022s Halloween ends, but you can crawl out of your nights with Tyler Stouts posters in the meantime.

Here is the daylight viewing of ‘Halloween’ GID Variant Edition by Tyler Stout.

Halloween GID Variant Edition_Stout, Tyler

Image via Gray Matter Art

24 “x 36” hand numbered screen print

  • Edition of 280

  • Printed by Broken Press

  • $ 130

  • (Estimated delivery time 8-10 weeks)

Glow in the dark effect:

Halloween GID Effect_Stout, Tyler

Image via Gray Matter Art

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