Halloween security: LAPD on patrol to keep an eye on violence on holiday

LOS ANGELES (KABC) – Los Angeles police are out in full force this Halloween weekend, with many people celebrating the holiday for the first time since the pandemic began.

The goal is to prevent nightmares in real life during a vacation that aims to scare people with harmless fun.

“It’s one of those things – especially for Halloween, 23 years at work – you experience. People who disguise themselves and are in costumes sometimes seem to have less responsibility for their actions,” the LAPD captain said. Adrian Gonzalez. “So we’re out there.”

Preventive efforts are particularly focused on southern Los Angeles, which is experiencing a disproportionate number of homicides this year. Of the city’s 326 killings this year, about a third occurred in south Los Angeles. About 30% of them were linked to gangs.

To learn more about the city’s efforts to reduce violence, watch the video above.

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