Harry Styles Dress Up as Dorothy ‘Harryween’: Concert Review

Halloween came a day too early to the blocks around New York’s Madison Square Garden when thousands of angels, devils, cowboys, ghosts, animals, astronauts, unicorns, Britneys and all other types of princesses and queens came to the sold-out venue. first of Harry Styles two “Harryween” concerts.

Even with a large percentage of accompanying parents, at least 65% of the attendees were dressed up for nine, and Styles and his band did not disappoint either, as all the musicians wore artful “Wizard of Oz” costumes – with Harry as Dorothy, of course. He performed the entire show in a blue checkered dress with a bow in his hair, powerful rough makeup, a basket with a stuffed Toto and glittering red shoes.

“As we grow up in England, we like Halloween,” he said early in the show. “But we certainly did not get into it as you do.” He ran around the stage in his costume. “I look cute!”

The group’s well-oiled sets stood in a fun contrast to their “Wizard of Oz” lineups. Sometimes Styles slammed it up, jumped over, spun, went up his dress to make a shuffle step. But he was mostly in arena mode, boogying around in his microphone stand and lifting his heavily tattooed arms toward the sky on Elton John-like “Come on!” admonitions – in Dorothy costume. As if to reinforce the point, during “Cherry”, his false eyelashes and heavy mascara began to get into his eyes. He continued wildly, blinking and rubbing them while trying not to laugh.

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Meanwhile, guitarist Mitch Rowland played emotional solos and roaring power chords like the cowardly lion, bassist Elin Sandberg was dazzling like Glenda the Good Witch, keyboardist Niji Adeleye was Tin Man, drummer Sarah Jones was The Wicked Witch of the West, and so on.

The set drew heavily from Styles’ latest album, “Fine Line”, and featured a handful of songs from his self-titled debut and the Harry showcase from his One Direction days, “What Makes You Beautiful” – and a notable addition: a soaring cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. It’s not an easy song to sing, but Styles reached it, easily reached the octave leaps, and drove through a difficult key change as Madison Square Garden’s iconic ceiling lit up in the colors of the rainbow.

After a final double hit of “Watermelon Sugar” and “Kiwi,” Styles clicked on the heels three times, picked up his basket, and left the stage to the left.

But despite all of Styles’ gracious comments and good-natured quarrels to the audience, tonight’s best one-liner belonged to my buddy, my 15-year-old niece.

From our seats, it was hard to see what was inside Harry-as-Dorothy’s basket. “What do you think he has in there?” I asked

“Louis Tomlinson,” she replied immediately.

Set list:
. Carolina
. Admire You
. Only angel
. To be so lonely
. Cherry
. She
. Two ghosts / falling
. Illuminates
. Canyon moon
. Treat people with kindness
. What makes you beautiful
. Still:
. Signs of the times
. Over the rainbow
. Watermelon sugar
. Kiwi

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