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With only 250 active COVID-19 cases in Canberra’s population of 430,000, the chances of getting the virus from the next person you come in close contact with are one in 1700 if you are not vaccinated, and highly unlikely if you are it. So with over 90 percent of us now fully vaccinated, why are we still expected to wear masks indoors? Why are there still restrictions on indoor gatherings? What does it take before all this nonsense is over? David Renton (Letters, October 29) makes a compelling argument as to why he and others like him who adhere to the same ancient mythological religion should not and will not indulge in the practice of abortion or voluntary assisted death. Good for him. He has no convincing argument as to why others should be forced to abide by these beliefs, other than that they have decided that it is in our best interest. But why this particular ancient religion? In this time of extreme weather events, I wonder why he is not considering adopting the practices of alternative ancient religions and sacrificing young boys and girls to appease and please the weather gods? Why not give some of these ancient sacrificial methods a whirlwind to bring regular rain, prevent drought, mitigate some of these monstrous hailstorms, and reduce the severity of bushfires? We must recognize that “God’s laws and standards” – whatever god one follows – are in fact obsolete and restrictive practices. Then maybe we can move on, in greater harmony, while together we take care of our own business. Our standards seem to be slipping. What we today call lobbyism was formerly called corruption. I absolutely love changing voter ID laws on a single reservation, is there a serious issue with our current system? If something is not broken, the best option is usually to let it be and let it work. Similarly, many Australians feel that the problem of political donations is a problem and need changes to identify and regulate political donations, both in cash and in kind. Can our government address the real issues for Australia first and give the American right-wing ideologies a miss? If the federal government passed Trump’s voter ID law, I would file the case in the High Court, as that would deprive me of the right to be a disabled voter. I am listed as a postal voter as I have a visually impaired disability, which makes it difficult for me to attend a polling station to vote effectively. Those who put forward this nonsense should be ashamed. In an action that is widely condemned internationally, the Sudanese civilian government was displaced by a military coup a few days ago. If the Australian government wants to consider the possibility of a khaki election, it can do no better than consider sending an expeditionary contingent to Khartoum. It only needs to look at the precedent of the colonial NSW 17th Battalion. It arrived in Sudan in 1886 and subsequently withdrew without a single soldier being killed in action, but too late to end a situation not unlike that seen today. If he wants to undergo troop operations and imitate true modern imperialism, the prime minister can reject military uniforms and step on a red carpet, the latter not unprecedented to him. I’m starting to feel sorry for the former NSW Premier. From the tone of these phone calls, it sounds as if she was caught in a violent relationship with a clever manipulator.


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