How to discard your old Halloween pumpkins in Vancouver

Once the doorbell rings and the sun rises on November 1, some may wonder what to do with the carved pumpkins now lying in their front gardens or doorsteps.

To begin with, the retired jack-o-lanterns can be placed in City of Vancouver’s green trash cans, provided the candles are removed and the pumpkins are cut into palm-sized pieces. The city also recommends covering the pieces with a thick layer of leaves or other “brown” material.

Alternatively, if you do not have a compost bin but want to add nutrients to your garden, the city recommends that you bury the chopped pumpkin under 30 cm of soil.

If you live in an apartment or condominium or run a business that does not have the City of Vancouver Green Bin service, contact your building manager or landlord for options or visit the city’s website for more information.

If you want to keep the natural nutrients in the pumpkins to yourself, there are plenty of recipes to help you with that.

Love Food Hate Waste Canada has entire pages devoted to the many uses of pumpkins in cooking. (Although it might be more delicious if you used an electric candle instead of a wax-burning one.) If you are one to buy many pumpkin you can make a pumpkin puree which can be frozen to use another day.

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