I hate to tell you Canberra, but it’s not Australia’s best chips


Kingsley’s chips: saturated with oil and salt, but that was not all good news. Photo: Genevieve Jacobs.

The Wotif Uniquely Aussie Awards pay tribute to all the amazing things about traveling around Australia, from the best jaffles you might find to our best national parks.

ACT’s nominees for the six awards were Intra CafĂ© (Campbell) in the Best Jaffle category, Dobinsons Bakery (Belconnen) for Best Vanilla Slice, The Tradies (Dickson) in Best Country Pub, Knightsbridge (Kingston) for Best Hotel Pool, Booderee National Park Best National Park and Kingsley’s Chicken for Best Hot Chips.

Kingsley’s Chicken was the one that stood out to me. Since I moved to the Canberra region, I have been inundated with people telling me everything I need to try.

“You have to take a kebab from Yarralumla!”

“You must try Dobinson’s vanilla slice!”

“You must have a pair of red hearts on the d-floor of Mooseheads!”

With each trip, these Canberra experiences have made me want more, and with it, the territory feels more and more like the place I can call home.

So when I heard about Kingsley’s Chicken, who was a finalist in the ‘Best Hot Chips’ category at the Uniquely Aussie Awards, an opportunity came to me: I could go to Kingsley’s and try their famous chips at company time, and then pass it on. out as food review.

It was the perfect plan. A way to tick off another item from the Canberra bucket list and make a relatively straightforward review of these presumably flawless chips. There was no way it could go wrong.

That was until I tried the chips …

Now that I had traveled to Kingsley’s Chicken in Woden, I could not go back. I was trapped. A bed I rode, I must now lie in. It was time to end the review, and it became a decision as to whether I should lie or desecrate a member of Canberra’s royal family. I’ve never been a big liar, so the truth is …

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Kingsley’s chips, although edible and far from bad, were, um, not good. Saturated with salt and oil (no complaints about it on my part) were adjectives that came to mind, soft, dull and moist. You can put so much salt and oil on almost anything and I would eat it, but what is so special about them besides that?

Again, repeating that they are not bad, they are just far from being the best chips in the country and I am confused about how they became finalists.

I think you can find 100 mom and dad fish and chips stores across Australia that could surpass these chips in any given day.

For the first time, Canberra, you have disappointed me.

Is Kingley really Canberra’s best chips, or is there a more obscure chip maker out there that really boasts Canberra’s – or perhaps Australia’s best chips?

(For the record, Kingsley’s did not win.)

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