“I never thought it would happen to me,” says the SAHF 50/50 winner

Thessalon native Christine Baranyai-Withers has won the Sault Area Hospital Foundation’s 50/50 raffle of $ 158,140, ​​according to a press release issued by the Sault Area Hospital Foundation.

“You always dream of winning, but I never thought it would happen to me,” Baranyai-Withers said.

The full text of the publication follows:

On November 30 at 11 Christine Baranyai-Withers of Thessalon, ON won the $ 158,140 jackpot in the Sault Area Hospital Foundations (SAHF) electronic and online 50/50 lottery in November. Her lucky number (Y-1104541) was drawn electronically.

Christine, a local teacher, was on her lunch break when she realized she had an answering machine. She called back to the number, only to find out she had just won over $ 158,000! “I was in complete shock. It’s hard to understand,” Christine said of realizing she had won. “We believe in supporting our community. Buying these tickets is a really easy way to help our local hospital. We in the Nordics know that we have to go together to make that kind of thing happen, so that’s why we bought and will continue to buy. You always dream of winning, but I never thought it would happen to me!

Christine hopes the extra money will help make the holiday season special this year. “We have to save some money, pay down some loans and do a renovation or two, but we really hope to do something special this year. My husband and I can buy something for each other that would not normally get on the list, and our family can donate a donation to one of the charities close to us. We must celebrate! ” said Christine. “I really hope we can take a trip one day soon; Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia, or somewhere in Europe. This victory will make it possible ”

This draw marked the 25th consecutive monthly draw for SAHF 50/50. “We launched this raffle in November 2019, so it was the third time we were able to give a big cash prize away to a lovely family when they enter their holiday season. It’s always a great feeling,” said Teresa Martone , CEO, Sault Area Hospital Foundation. “Our team gets so much joy when they hear why people support our hospital and how dedicated our ticket buyers are. So many of them are buying because they want to ensure that we have unique healthcare in our community. And that’s just what they do! Proceeds from these draws have bought millions of dollars in medical equipment and will help buy millions more. It’s all because of the people who support the draw every month. ”

Also in November, SAHF awarded Sue Rebellato from Sault Ste. Marie, ON, $ 10,000 in early bird draw. Her lucky number was Y-6290883. $ 10,000 early bird continues in December as a bonus for all buyers who purchase their tickets before December 10 at. 14.00.

With over $ 4.2 million in prizes awarded so far, SAHF is excited to end the year right. December’s draw is New Year’s Eve, and will definitely help the lucky winner or winners start 2022 right! Tickets for the SAHF 50/50 December raffle are on sale now. The sale closes on December 30 at 21:00, and the draw will take place on 31 December at. 11.00. SAHF 50/50 tickets can be purchased by anyone over the age of 18 in the province of Ontario at www.soo5050.ca.

On behalf of the whole community, thank you to everyone who continues to support. When our hospital buys equipment like this, we all win.

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