It looks like New World has lost about half of its player base since launching •

SteamCharts data suggests that the MMO loses about 135,000 players a week.

Amazon’s new MMO, New World, has reportedly lost more than half of its player base just a month after its launch on PC.

Despite reaching an impressive all-time high of just one million players on October 3, Forbes discovered that the numbers on SteamCharts have taken something of a dive, with the simultaneous rate falling around 135,000 players each week since launch.

Last week, the MMO had a simultaneous number of players of 508,000 – about half of what it was at the beginning of the month.

Of course, declining player numbers are not always a surprise – or a concern – in the first few weeks after launch, but New World is an MMO that in theory should enjoy a more stable player base than single-player narrative games, which some may only play in a week or two before quitting and moving on to something else.

It is fair to say that the drop probably did not stem from a particular problem as much as a catalog of problems, such as when Amazon’s own “incorrect” information incorrectly informed players that transfers would be possible after the studio itself asked them to join low latency servers as it worked to increase the population limits of existing servers.

New Worlds launch also came with fresh reports that New World still built expensive graphics cards, after it turned out to do so in the game’s beta. In July, in response to the concern, Amazon released a patch to limit the frame rate on the MMO’s menu screen.

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