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[This story contains spoilers from the seventh episode of The Morning Show‘s second season, “La Amara Vita.”]

“You see people coming. You see people go. And you realize how changeable everyone really is.”

That quote, uttered by Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) at the beginning of this week’s episode of Apple The morning show, has a different meaning at the end of the tragic hour.

The former morning news anchor, who was fired due to allegations of sexual assault and misconduct in season 1, gave an interview to a documentary and appeared to be talking about his replacement in the morning show, where he was loved for 15 years, after the scandal. But in the last scene of the Italian episode, titled “La Amara Vita” (which means “the bitter life”, a play on The sweet life), viewers realize the deeper meaning of Mitch’s words as he lets his car drive off a cliff, marking his death in the series.

The episode ends with the shocking event, which means the characters in The morning show will remain in the dark on the news until next week. And that includes Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston), who had left Mitch’s Italian villa just hours earlier after a face-to-face reunion roller coaster ride.

“The last conversation they had was that Mitch somehow called Alex out and said, ‘Okay, I’m doing this,'” Aniston says. Hollywood Reporter by Mitch, who agrees to release a statement to help clean up Alex’s reputation. “Basically,” she continues, “Mitch says,” I want to support this tale that you desperately need to save yourself, but I’m done? Can’t you stand up for me? ‘”

The bottle episode pressed pause Morning show drama in New York to accompany Alex to Italy so she could pay her former co-anchor a surprise visit. Mitch, who fled to Lake Como as a result of his #MeToo scandal, left much damage in the wake of him. And it quickly becomes clear that Alex had arrived to collect some of her Mitch-forced demons.

“For Alex, she only had The morning show. She had burned so many bridges, ”says Aniston, noting how her family life also suffered. “She did not really invest in anything except this show and her relevance. So much so that she put herself in horrible situations and turned her gaze to things she should not have seen, but it did not matter because the only thing that meant, was to stay on top, stay relevant. And then it all crumbles in the end. “

She continues, “In season two, we begin, where she has somehow taken a step back and has deep moments of reflection and asks who she is and who she wants to be? I think, for the very first time. I know not how much therapy Alex has received. But if there was any therapy, it was probably about: How do I get out of my marriage? I do not know if there has been much self-reflection. And I think innocently or naively when she becomes seduced by Cory [Ellison, played by Billy Crudup] to go back to The morning show, I believe she believes she can take whatever this newfound consciousness and self-reflected wisdom she has gained back into the hallways of ETC.. But that is not possible. “

Adds: “Too many dead bodies buried.”

Alex, who has been so engrossed in her own reputation in relation to her dealings with Mitch that she has recently suffered an almost breakdown, tells him that she flew to Italy in the midst of a looming pandemic to demand that he broadcast a statement that she and Mitch never had a sexual relationship. Despite the lie – and after a heated argument between the longtime TV partners – Mitch agrees.

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Jennifer Aniston, pictured here with Steve Carell in “La Amara Vita.” The Italian episode was filmed in California due to the pandemic.
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From there, however, the episode progresses to a deeper exploration of the intersection between Mitch’s twisted path to redemption and Alex’s bumpy path to forgiveness. They fight and hurl hateful words at each other. Then they make up and reconnect overnight with drinking and dancing that reminds them of their own intimacy (they had a secret affair years ago – an affair that threatens to come out in Maggie Brenner’s menacing tale) , all leading to her tense departure.

“That whole episode was so beautiful a symphony, like an opera going on with so many ups and downs and emotions and rage and anger and anger and love and connection and regret and joy and heartache – that it just will never ever be that. same again, “she says.” It’s brutal. “

Just as Mitch and Alex seem to reach a point where they are accepted, newsletters tell of an excerpt from Brenner’s book accusing Mitch of attacking black women in his abuse at work.

“I have not shown the tools to understand. Can you teach me that? Teach me. Can you teach me that, Alex? I want to get better. I want to be a better person, thank you. I want to be a good person, ”Mitch begs Alex, who tells him that just because he did not mean to do what he did, does not make it OK.

Alex walks with the statement in hand. And Mitch responds by finally failing his guard over the Italian documentary filmmaker with whom he has spent time, and he sleeps with Paola (Valeria Golino). But when he leaves her house, his happiness is fleeting as he plays back the events of his life while behind the wheel late at night. In the last scene of the episode, when an oncoming car swings him a bit of a winding mountain road, he releases the wheel and his car drives over the Italian cliff side. The final image is a flashback from the night before of Alex hugging him hard.

“That was a big question that would come up among all of us and the writers, which is: What happens to a Mitch Kessler?” Aniston explains the decision to pursue Mitch’s story after the events of season 1, which drives the media drama into some unknown post- #MeToo storytelling territory. “It was extraordinary [to explore]. Because let’s see it. Let’s see what those people go through and feel and go through. And would like to be helped and will understand. It’s like the world has changed from one day to the next and there’s a whole new game book you have to live by. Redemption, is it an option? Forgiveness? Are they inherently evil, dark people? Did they mean to do that? “

She adds: “And for Alex, it was her best friend; it was her confidant. They had each other. And now The morning show is gone; now he is gone. “

The first seven episodes of season two of Apple TV + The morning show streams now.

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