Jerôme Perez

TOA – photonic abstraction

I have been studying the process of abstraction for seven years. I like the light and free conception expressed by Serge Poliakoff: “Abstract art is like a big tree whose branches are moved by the wind”. It is not a tortuous path, rather a flight to inspiring skies.

Timidly, I began by practicing the Intended Camera Movement, looking for meaning in it. Quickly I turned to the experience of painters with a photographer’s framing in their works to find an answer. Gradually I built projects on the border of naturalism with the abstract, neither figurative nor objective.

For each step taken, I had to develop a new technique in the service of the process. Not keen on purely digital sensations, I persist in using light, optics and old-fashioned lab techniques to achieve my goals. There is therefore always a physical object at the start of the creative process: the plant world for the Post-scriptum collection, for example.

Since it is about practicing a free art, the constraint of the existing had to jump one day! Doesn’t the writer start from a blank page?

From now on with TOA, the basis of my work is none other than a blank Dibond plate of 100×100 cm. I create an ephemeral visual work that I photograph at each stage of its development. This provides me with the colors, the shapes, the textures to which I will give final meaning thanks to the lab work: overprinting and solarization. I find there an infinite freedom of creation and I am permanently in abstraction. Happy !

What wind will blow tomorrow? It’s good to let go…

Jerôme Perez


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