Joker 2 Fan Art Images Lady Gaga As Harley Quinn

Warner Bros. has been on a roll with its superhero projects, set both within and outside of the main DC Extended Universe timeline. Todd Phillips’ Joker is in the latter category, winning Joaquin Phoenix a Best Actor Oscar for his performance as Athur Fleck. Development on Joker 2 is currently underway, and some fan art has imagined what Lady Gaga might look like as fan favorite character Harley Quinn.

After a few years, Joker 2 is finally coming together, and there are a number of rumors circulating about Todd Phillips’ plan for his DC sequel, which is officially titled Joker: Two Foil. These rumors indicate that Lady Gaga is being approached for a role, possibly to play Harley Quinn. Now some fan art has brought this to life on Instagramso see what Mother Monster could look like as the Gotham City femme fatale below,

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