Kanye ‘Ye’ West sports a bizarre new haircut at the Miami hotspot

Kanye “Ye” West gets the finest cuts at the steakhouse, it seems. Shame, the same cannot be said about the barbershop.

Spy on Miami hotspot Prime 112 says the rapper recently showed up with his bizarre new buzzcut – which looks a bit like it could have been made by a set of obsessed (and possibly weakened) mowers – to have dinner with rap legend NORE

Kanye West haircut.
Ye’s haircut was noticeably uneven during a recent trip to Miami.
MN Images / SplashNews.com

The rapper also wore heavy rubber rain boots despite the dry day.

But apparently sideways glances at his randomly clipped ‘do’ did not reach him.

“He was in a good mood,” said one spy.

West had breakfast at Miami hotspot Prime 112.
MN Images / SplashNews.com

We’re told that Ye had dinner with the “Nothin ‘” rapper and about 10 other people in a private dining room, where they ate ultra-premium A5 wagyu beef and hung out for about three hours.

Apparently their table had a great night of hip-hop royalty. We are told that Rick Ross showed up with his large entourage a few hours later and used the same private dining room.

Kanye West
Yes confusing new haircut follows the star wearing a Caucasian mask around town.
MN Images / SplashNews.com

Even Yes’s confusing new haircut seems less strange than the spooky Caucasian mask he’s been wearing around town lately.

West recently legally changed his name to “Ye” for “personal reasons.” It is unclear what these reasons are, but he said in an interview from 2018 – the same year he released his album “Ye” – that “ye” is the most used word in the Bible.


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