Katy Perry shares intimate photos from her 37th birthday celebration in Cabo

This week was Katy Perry’s thirty-seventh birthday, and it looks like it’s been a whole for the pop star. Perry went down to Cabo, Mexico, with his fiancée Orlando Bloom and a host of friends. Although paparazzi photos captured the couple enjoying a luxury yacht called Happy Endings on Cabo San Lucas, Perry shared his own version of events on Instagram.

The slide show with photos captures brief moments in Perry’s festivities: beautiful flower arrangements, loving notes from friends, standing with Bloom at their yacht, watching a movie screening, horseback riding, salsa dancing with someone who looks quite professional, and FaceTiming with the family:

She wrote: “When you are 37 hangovers, it lasts 5-7 business days.”

Earlier this week, Bloom shared a photo of himself with Perry, leaning over a birthday cake. She wears the “Birthday Girl” crown, which appears in her own photo collection, and looks down at the burning candle with a dreamy expression. He wrote in the caption: “We make the life we ​​love and it’s fun. I want to celebrate you today and every day. I love you.”

However, the week was not quite the game that Perry joked about after she performed Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“Productive 37 so far,” she joked on a teaser of her guesthouse.

Perry has generally had a very productive year – her daughter with Bloom, Daisy Dove, turned one year old in August. Daisy may be young, but Perry already has big plans for their fashion future together. In an interview with People on october 28, she said she keeps all her wild outfits and costumes so Daisy can wear one day.

“I kind of already have a box,” she says. “I store things for her. I do not know where she should be able to wear all these crazy clothes, but I store them for her. Also trust that I am always on the hunt for Etsy late at night, just to find little cute costumes for all holidays. I have a gingerbread dress as a favorite – just all my dreams come true. “

Definitely put the birthday girl crown in the vault.

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