Kris Jenner confirmed that Kim Kardashian “could not see and could not breathe” during her met gala look and had to be escorted around by Kris’ girlfriend, Corey Gamble

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Woman confronts boyfriend after capturing his ‘cruel’ behavior at home

One woman was horrified to hear that her boyfriend had been lying to her for several months. She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A ******” forum for help. Her boyfriend, identified as “A”, secretly moved around on her stuff. Every time she confronted him about it, A denied having done so. But when she caught him on fresh offense, he blew up the air for her. One day she made the bed and decided to put her phone in the bedroom and let it record. “I went and grabbed the phone, and look, there he is, making the bed. I showed him the footage, and he screamed that I was a crazy b ****, and he stormed out,” she said. She was shocked at how angry the confrontation made her boyfriend. Redditors thought the boyfriend’s behavior was a big red flag. “He turns on you and blows up when he gets caught, and then doubles down with more gas lighting,” commented one user

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