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LA Animal Services’ shelters are approaching capacity, giving rise to an urgent call for the resident to foster or adopt some of the animals.

LA Animal Services’ six locations are full of dogs, cats and kittens that have been sterilized and neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ready for adoption. As shelters approach capacity, officials are also urging pet owners considering surrendering their animals to seek other alternatives, including seeking friends or family members to take over pet ownership or using the Home to Home or Safety Net Foster programs.

Individuals interested in adopting can visit LA Animal Services locations without an appointment Saturday or Sunday from 7 p.m. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. If a potential adopter wants to visit between Tuesday and Friday, they can schedule an appointment at or by calling 1 -888-452-7381.

“We have leaned on our community in times of need and have never been let down,” said Dana Brown, LA Animal Services general manager. “We hope we can count on their support again when we ask them to adopt or promote a pet looking for their new home.”

People who are interested in grooming can take a dog for only a day or up to three months. Fostering gives the animals a break from the shelter, and foster families can choose to adopt the animals themselves. Individuals interested in fostering can click here to identify an animal they wish to foster, and then send an email to the volunteer contacts at with their completed foster application, a photo of their publicly issued ID and the animal ID numbers of pets they are interested in fostering.

People interested in raising a kitten can send an email to Thomas Kalinowski at LA Animal Services is also looking for people who can care for mothers with their litters, sick kittens and baby kittens who have not yet learned to eat on their own and need bottle feeding. People interested in raising these animals can send an email to

A fetal application is available at


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