Lakeshore West GO trains reduced to hourly operation due to track conditions

GO Transit’s Lakeshore West line has reduced its service to hourly trains for the remainder of Saturday as crews work to rectify unstable track conditions between two stations.

Saturday morning, crews determined that tracks between Port Credit and Clarkson GO stations became “unstable so trains could pass safely.”

“Given all the rain power we’ve actually seen all week, we’ve got our crews making extra track patrols, and the crews noticed the instability near the tracks,” Metrolinx spokeswoman Anne Marie Aikins told CP24 Saturday afternoon.

“When they started investigating it, they realized how unstable and extensive it was under the rails. And it’s just not safe to run trains over it. And we do not want to take any of those risks, so the trains were all stopped. “

Aikins added that the cause of the instability is not yet known but it is being investigated.

“We’re bringing in extra resources to make sure people can get around tonight and safely with all the things going on. And that’s our first priority,” she said.

Trains run between Port Credit GO and Union Station, and between Clarkson GO and West Harbor GO.

However, trains will not run between Clarkson and Port Credit stations during the repairs. A GO shuttle bus is in place between the two stations.

Aikins said the tracks require “extensive” repairs and are likely to take until the end of the day or to be completed early tomorrow.

GO Transit expects that the number of passengers will increase in the afternoon and into the evening due to Halloween parties, the Leafs game and other events in the city.

“There’s a way to get there and you just have to plan ahead. Check for the services. And know we’re doing the best we can to get this fixed as soon as possible,” Aikins said.

Metrolinx staff are at GO stations to help customers.


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