Lambeth: Young people fight and throw fireworks after illegal rave

Metropolitan Police have closed three illegal raves as part of efforts to tackle antisocial behavior in London.

Hundreds of people had attended the events, and some became hostile to officers as they began to disperse the crowds, Met said.

Police were called to the Glasshouse Walk in Lambeth just before midnight on Friday – after complaints that fireworks had been fired.

Officers attended and found 300 youths at a town hall.

Met said a series of fights broke out as people began to leave and fireworks and other projectiles were thrown and back-up officers had to be called.

The crowds were scattered at. 01.20 Saturday, and an officer was treated for injuries.

The Met was later made aware of another unlicensed music event in railroad arches on Corbetts Lane in Southwark.

About 150 people were dispersed from the area and the sound system was seized and the organizer was fined for license violations.

Across the capital, officers also attended an address on Birkbeck Street in Bethnal Green, after noticing that another unlicensed event was planned.

When police arrived, 30 people were present and left quickly.

Chief Inspector Jack May-Robinson said: “While we appreciate that many people will be celebrating Halloween this weekend with home parties, there are a number of people who will choose to host major music events.

“These gatherings ruin the lives of the locals.

“They often attract antisocial behavior and can be dangerous environments for those who participate in them.

“When we identify an event, we work hard to ensure that appropriate measures are taken and that equipment is seized to prevent participants from moving to another location.

“Extra patrols are taking place all over London to maintain public safety.

“I would urge anyone with concerns to contact the police so that we can suspend these UMEs (unlicensed music events) before they escalate.”

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