‘Late Show’ Supercut of Stephen Colbert’s Trump nicknames

Stephen Colbert has refused to say the name “Donald Trump” on The late show since November last year, when Joe Biden won the election. “For the record, I’m not trying to scrub him out,” he explained back in April. “It’s just the legend saying that now that he’s out of the office, if you say his name three times, he shows up in your bathroom mirror and then uses your toilet while complaining that it’s flushed low.” Colbert added that he originally went with “former president, but that gives him dignity – and me flashbacks.”

It took months for anyone to notice the lack of Colbert saying “Trump,” but it has become a popular joke on the late-night show with nicknames like Mar-a-Lardo, Tangerine Ball Bag and Marginally Sentient Spray tan.

The late show is off this week, but the show’s YouTube channel put together a supercut of all of Colbert’s nicknames for Trump. Highlights include: Walker: Taxes Evader, Scooby Coup, Dolt 45, Tangerine Palpatine, Drinks with Two Hands, Vanity Manatee, Penis Pumpkinhead (which sounds like an off-brand Halloween costume), Hair Farce One, The Big Lie-bowski, King Baby Coward, Old Wack Donald, Ole Yeller and Jackass O’Lantern. Somehow there are dozens more.

You can see The late show video above.


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