The people of New York will hold French Montana high, but it seems he has had trouble receiving the same type of praise off the East Coast. Over the past few years, French has taken the lead in asserting its influence and contribution to hip hop, while others may not. It started with his claim that he has more hits than Kendrick Lamar before involving artists like Young Thug and others.

Kevin Mazur / BET / Getty Images

In the last few days, efforts have been underway to kick-start the rollout of his upcoming project They suffered memory loss began with a host of tweets in which he once again felt a need to remind people of the honor he deserves. This included mentions of a few names in rap that he had a role in introducing to the masses, including Chinx and Lil Durk, who were associated with Coke Boyz early in his career.

“THEY GOT AMNESIA, WHICH I DON’T GIVE THEM CHINX DRUGZ LIL DURK AND HARRY FRAUD,” wrote French, before listing the many mixtapes he released, which received high praise.

Of course, French was crucial in helping bring Durk to the masses, but that was only after the Chicago rapper was linked with Def Jam. Durk has previously explained that it was more of love than it was business, though he seems to have responded to French’s latest tweet. Durk went to Instagram, where he called “cap” on anyone who claimed they “made” him. He did not mention any names, but it was conveniently posted a few days after French dropped, “I do not care.”

“A n *** a said he made me, it’s the biggest cap … 7220,” Durk wrote.

Despite his response, Durk has previously given French praise for the knowledge he gave him in his time with Coke Boyz, even though he never signed an actual contract.