Listen to Device Orchestra covers the Ghostbusters theme using electric toothbrushes and a steam iron

An inspired musician can use pretty much anything as an instrument, but this just-in-time for Halloween cover off Ghostbusters theme song goes in an unexpected direction. Device Orchestra is dedicated to posting music videos recorded exclusively with the sound of regular household appliances. It is the work of a Finnish YouTuber who has been creating gadget-powered covers since 2014 (via Wikitubia). This time, Device Orchestra knocked out 14 gadgets for its composition – including electric toothbrushes adorned with googly eyes.

One electric toothbrush with pipe cleaners for arms stands in front and in the middle and interrupts the familiar chorus in a tone comparable to a musically inclined bumble bee. It may be the star of the show, but it has plenty of backup.

A series of acknowledgment machines mimic the sound of synths, while another electric toothbrush waves under a white sheet. A typewriter clicks away in the background, accompanied by the buzz of a body trimmer, a nail polisher, and an epilator (which is a hair removal tool if you didn’t know). And although the iron does not contribute much to the overall composition, it gives the visual effects and pumps out steam to achieve an eerie mood.

This cover is probably more satisfying to listen to than the actual Ghostbusters theme. It’s interesting to hear how the sounds from each device meet, yet strangely soothing. The wobbly googly eyes are just an added plus.

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