London Covid case: Prices rise as the rest of the UK starts to fall

The latest Covid cases have been released to all local authorities in England and in most of them the infections have started to decrease.

But across south-east London, infections are still rising.

At the national level, 227 out of the 377 local areas in England (60 per cent) have experienced a decrease in cases and 147 (39 per cent) have experienced an increase.

Three are unchanged.

These figures are accurate for the seven days leading up to October 25 – with the most recent days excluded for accuracy.

They are compared to a week before – the seven days until October 18.

The figures are based on the number of individuals tested positive for Covid-19 in either a laboratory-reported or rapid lateral flow test, after the test date.

The rate is expressed as the number of new cases per 100,000 persons.


In Bexley, the number of cases of coronavirus has increased to 332.1 (828 cases) from 277.6 (692 cases).


Bromley’s case rate has increased from 282.8 (941 cases) to 294.5 (980 cases).


In Greenwich, the case rate is 253.3 (732 cases), up from 242.2 (700 cases) the week before.


The case rate in Lewisham is 213.9 (653 cases), showing an increase from 196.5 (600 cases).


Southwark’s cases of coronavirus have increased from 160.3 (513 cases) to 180.9 (579 cases).


In Dartford, the case rate has increased to 596.7 (680 cases) from 469.1 (535 cases).

Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire has the highest rate in the UK with 933 new cases in the seven days to October 25 – equivalent to 965.6 per. 100,000 people.

This has fallen from 1,148.8 in the seven days to October 18th.

Stroud in Gloucestershire has the second highest rate, down from 1,224.9 to 892.5, with 1,079 new cases.

Bath & North East Somerset has the third highest rate, down from 1,076.1 to 881.0, with 1,730 new cases.

The list was compiled by the PA news agency using data released Oct. 29 on the government’s coronavirus dashboard.

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