London Weather Forecast: Tornadoes not ruled out

Parts of the UK may have seen tornadoes on Sunday, the Met Office said as strong winds and rain hit the country.

Wind gusts of over 80 km / h have been recorded with reports of wind damage, which caused major delays in traveling out of London.

Hundreds of people, many traveling to Scotland for the Cop26 climate summit, were left waiting at Euston station after felled trees caused all trains to be suspended.

The outage came as a result of damage to electrical wires between Rugby and Milton Keynes on the West Coast Main Line.

Yellow warnings for wind and rain are in place over large parts of the west and elsewhere, and more are likely – although there is not a renewed weather forecast in place for London yet.

The yellow warning for rain was in place from 11pm on Saturday night and lasted until 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

The Met Office predicts sunshine for London the rest of Sunday and into Monday.

Meteorologist Tom Morgan said the Met Office could not confirm any tornadoes but would not rule them out.

“We have a deep Atlantic area with low pressure, bringing a very strong band of rain and rushing winds all over the country, but especially in the south of England,” he said.

“We have seen some very strong gusts of wind on the south coast … and a few reports of damage from the wind.

“It is not excluded that there will have been some local, short funnel clouds or tornadoes.

“In the last few days, we’ve seen some reports and seen some pictures of funnel clouds and water spout that look like tornadoes.”

Tornadoes occur when funnel clouds extend from the cloud base to the ground, Mr Morgan said.

He added that wind speeds of 87 mph were recorded at an exposed spot on the Isle of Portland in Dorset and there were gusts of 60 mph over Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and Sussex.

“We can not confirm that there have been any (tornadoes), but we have seen reports of wind damage,” Mr. Morgan.

“This kind of situation lends itself to sometimes producing tornadoes, so it’s something we can’t rule out, and there’s something to suggest that there have been some.”

South Western Railway apologized to customers after trees blocked part of the network, saying there may be cancellations, delays and changes to services.

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