Lost Warrior revealed for DNF Duel as the game’s boss and final roster member in new trailer

It’s been known for a while that DNF Duel had been holding back information about the game’s final boss, and now we can finally see him in action.

The gameplay reveal trailer for Lost Warrior has now appeared online for DNF Duel showcasing the crazy moves of the final member of the base roster.

Lost Warrior certainly looks like a fighting game final boss with his apparent ability to warp space and time around him with cool astral effects.

While he has a sword as his main weapon, the big guy can use his special powers to quickly dash through opponents, teleport above them, summon magic blades and even swap places with the other character.

It was revealed during today’s Arc Live broadcast that Lost Warrior won’t be available at the start and can be unlocked in the game by clearing its story mode.

DNF Duel is scheduled to launch in a week on June 28 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. You can check out Lost Warrior’s full gameplay trailer below.

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