Lots of great deals at the University of Canberra’s new online thrift store

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The ThriftyUC thrift store has gone digital, with students invited to join the new online group at the Rosella Street Marketplace. Photo: Thomas Lucraft.

From textbooks to used clothing, University of Canberra students can now save money and help save the planet through their very own online buying, swap and sales platform.

An extension of the popular ThriftyUC opportunity store, the online group was recently launched on Rosella Street’s eco-focused marketplace.

From study notes and training partners, to help with relocation or a call for people to help with a hobby project… if students need something or have a problem, they can also send a ‘shout out’ to the ThriftyUC online community.

Members can earn some money by putting items up for sale, reducing landfill by donating their unwanted clothes, books and furniture or even renting items such as tools for special projects or research.

ThriftyUC group organizer Andrew Giumelli says that UCX – the home of clubs and associations at the University of Canberra – is always looking for new and exciting initiatives that will benefit students.

In addition to offering a place where students can help each other find what they need, the ThriftyUC group helps the environment by reusing and reducing landfill – and a bush food tree is planted on Rosella Street in the remote Aboriginal community of Buymarr in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory for each sale.

The Buymarr project reduces carbon dioxide, provides nutrition, supports the transfer of knowledge and helps build a happy and healthy community.

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“When Rosella Street approached the group function, this seemed like an opportunity to create a space to promote sustainable practice and a sharing community in a safe and secure way,” he said.

“Other platforms have been used in the past and these have had their pros and cons, but Rosella Street offers a fresh take on this.

“UCX looks forward to the growth of ThriftyUC to serve our entire UC community as a hub for sharing and sustainability.”

Andrew says the new group is gaining popularity among students where used clothing is a big winner.

“We have had a good recording of the platform and great interest in the initiative,” he said.

“We expect it to continue to grow.”


Students love the ThriftyUC store, and now they can also buy, trade and sell through Rosella Street’s online marketplace. Photo: Thomas Lucraft.

ThriftyUC is for everyone in the UC community to buy, trade, sell, give and rent used items.

By joining the group, Andrew says students will help build a stronger online community and promote sustainable practice.

Home to Community Trade Groups across Australia, Rosella Street offers a secure and sustainable online marketplace for conscious consumers with ID verification, two-way experience assessments and a secure payment system.

Join ThriftyUC and make a bargain, create your own online community group and see how Rosella Street can help you help the planet.

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