Lounge Musuc icon with ‘Marty and Elayne’ at Dresden was 89 – Deadline

Los Angeles lounge musician Marty Roberts, the drummer and upright bassist of “Marty & Elayne,” who entertained at the Dresden Lounge in Los Feliz for 35 years, has died at the age of 89. No cause of death was immediately available.

His death was confirmed by his daughter, Hali, who wrote “We are crushed, the greatest man alive has risen to heaven. Marty passed peacefully on Thursday the 13th, 2022. My mother and I are crushed over his loss and there is no one could ever take his place.He had a joke and a smile (it’s free to smile, he would say!) to everyone he met and he was the friendliest, most self-sacrificing man in the world.We will miss him more than words can express. “

Marty was born in New York City and met Elayne in LA in the 70s. They played in various lounges around the city, including a stay at Michael’s in Los Feliz, where their action was captured by Dresden’s owner. Their concert in Dresden started in 1981 and quickly grew into a thing for the area’s hipsters, who enjoyed the drum and piano atmosphere and often joined in a song or two.

Their mix of jazz standards and loungey perceptions of pop music became such a cult classic that Jon Favreau used them in his 1996 Los Feliz-centered film, Swingers, and they were often joined by celebs like Flea, Julia Roberts and David Lynch, among others.

Later, Tom paid tribute to Petty by including them in the “Yer So Bad” video. They also had a camo in an episode of Mr. Show.

Marty had a heart attack in January 2020 while performing in Dresden. Elayne continued as a soloist for six weeks after that. Then the music in Dresden was silenced by the pandemic.

Roberts’ daughter indicated that a celebration of his life would be held in Dresden on a date to be set, with online access for people outside the states.

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