LOVE AND THUNDER Concept Art Reveals Lady Sif Once Had A Much Bigger Role For Her MCU Return

Jaimie Alexander had only a small cameo role in Thor: Love and Thunder, but some newly surfaced concept art suggests there were once plans for Lady Sif to play a far more significant part in the story…

Thor: Love and Thunder proved to be something of a mixed bag, and it’s become clear that, for whatever reason, a lot of content ended up on the cutting room floor. 

For fans, one of the biggest disappointments was the way the blockbuster wasted Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif. The character has been sidelined since 2013’s Thor: The Dark World, making her MCU return one of the most highly anticipated parts of Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok sequel. 

Would she be Valkyrie’s love interest? Might she head into battle alongside the God of Thunder yet again? Unfortunately, the reality was that she appeared in two extremely brief scenes, with just a few seconds of the movie devoted to her. Sif ended up bringing little to nothing to the table, but some concept art has pointed to there once being much bigger plans for the hero. 

“Unused concepts from Thor: Love and Thunder,” says artist Jeremy Love. “I worked on this set under the guidance of Nigel Phelps early in production. This set was to be shot using the Volume, so much of my time was spent doing basic 3D layouts using the Volume model before painting these up.”

The Volume was first used on The Mandalorian to create photorealistic backgrounds that save shooting on location, and it’s since been incorporated into many blockbusters. We wouldn’t be shocked if this was actually shot, robbing us of an entire subplot of Sif heading into battle and finding herself squaring off with and losing an arm to Gorr the God Butcher.

We’re eagerly anticipating Thor: Love and Thunder‘s deleted scenes being revealed, especially after it was confirmed The Grandmaster and Eitri the Dwarf were cut. However, as Waititi has said he’d rather fans not see the moments he didn’t want in the movie, who knows what will actually be released!

Thor: Love and Thunder is now playing in theaters. 






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