Love and Thunder ‘Director Taika Waititi Once Threw the Grammys Under the Bus With a Dismissive Comment

Taika Waititi’s career making movies started later than most. He made his first short films in his late 20s, and he quickly picked up an Academy Award nomination. Waititi is halfway to joining the list of EGOT winners as he has an Oscar and a Grammy on his shelf. However, while promoting his latest movie, Thor: Love and Thunderwhich he calls his craziest movie yet, Waititi made a dismissive comment about his Grammy win.

Taika Waititi attends the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar party.  Waititi won a Grammy in 2020, but he does not seem to rate that award as highly as his Oscar.

Taika Waititi | Arturo Holmes / FilmMagic

Taika Waititi has one Oscar, Grammy, and two Emmy nominations

Waititi started as a painter, but enjoyed success almost immediately when he shifted his attention to moviemaking. The short movie Two Cars, One Night, earned an Oscar nomination for best live-action short at the 2005 Academy Awards. Waititi’s major award nominations did not stop there.

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