Máiría Cahill: Leaving our abortion rules to London is an act of cowardice

You probably know them. And if you do not, you know someone who does. The woman who is the victim of rape resulting in pregnancy. The child who, if the pregnancy continues, will find himself “with child”.

he woman, beaten, who feels they have no opportunity to go but who does not want to introduce a baby in an insecure relationship. The woman, who has had too much to drink the night before, has ended up in bed with someone else and will not have used protection. It happens. The couple, who very much want a child but are diagnosed with severe fetal disability, have a difficult decision to make.

All of these women have one thing in common: nothing to think about the decision to terminate a pregnancy, whatever the cause. even on the advice of doctors, is easy. I know. Everyone has ultimately made a choice. Most of them will not be able to exercise it in this place we all call home. Yet.

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