Man arrested after alleged $ 85,000 fraud by bushbrand, COVID-19 emergency aid

ONE Sydney man is set to be charged after fraudulently demanding $ 85,000 from forest fire and COVID-19 Assistive devices.

The 36-year-old was arrested in Emu Plains in the west of the city today, after opening an investigation in February.

Police will charge him with 41 fraud-related offenses, 28 of which will relate to attempted transactions and 13 relating to successful transactions.

A man is to be charged after swindling forest fires and COVID-19 aids. (9 news)

Detective Inspector Jason Pietruszka claimed the man had managed to get $ 55,000 from charities such as the Red Cross and St. Vincent de Paul’s and $ 30,000 from public funds.

Overall, Inspector Pietruszka said the man allegedly tried to defraud several funds totaling $ 550,000.

“These are rather heinous offenses,” said Inspector Pietruszka.

Trees pulled from the ground by strong winds in Melbourne

“The money is meant to be for people in need, he is certainly not in need.”

The alleged fraud took place from April to October last year.

Inspector Pietruszka said investigations continued through “various banking organizations” to see if any of the money could be recovered.

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