Man in his 20s dies with COVID-19 as NSW sees a drop in cases and registers 48,768 infections

A man in his 20s has died with COVID-19 New South Wales as the state reported 48,768 new cases of COVID-19 within the last 24 hours.

Twenty people have died after being tested positive for the virus, including the young man.

There are 2576 people in the hospital and 193 people in the intensive care unit, a small increase from yesterday’s hospitalization figures.

Today’s case numbers are a significant drop from yesterday’s 63,018.

Of today’s positive results, 21,748 were reported from rapid antigen testing (RAT) and 27,020 from PCR testing.

NSW Health said of the 21,748 positive RAT results, 15,925 of these positive tests were from the previous seven days.

‘Epidemic of unvaccinated in adolescents’

Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said today that there is “an epidemic of unvaccinated in young people”.

“We see it in intensive care,” he said.

Professor Kelly warned that Australia has not yet reached the top of Omicron cases despite epidemiologists claiming NSW is close to the top.

Professor Kelly said he sees ICU admissions, which are young unvaccinated Australians
Professor Kelly said he sees ICU admissions, which are young unvaccinated Australians (9 news)

“For most of the rest of Australia, we are still on the upward curve, we may be on the plateau, and then there is a decline in cases after that,” he said.

“We are not through it yet.”

“I think there will still be a large number of cases diagnosed in Australia over the next few weeks.”

NSW to reach the top of cases in weeks

However, Professor Robert Booy told Today that NSW is close to reaching the top of Omicron cases.

“We are approaching the peak of our turn in terms of numbers in NSW and Victoria, we are likely to peak within the next one to two weeks,” he said.

“But the admissions will peak in February because they come about two weeks after the cases.”

Traffic wardens direct cars to a COVID-19 test clinic at Bondi Beach in Sydney. (AP)

The health system under pressure

It was predicted that NSW would reach a peak of 4,700 people in the hospital by the end of January.

Instead, there were 2,525 people in the hospital yesterday with COVID-19.

Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet said yesterday in terms of hospital admissions and ICU admissions that the health care system exceeded even the most optimistic modeling.

“So it’s encouraging, reassuring and gratifying,” he said.

Sir. Perrottet said the health care system was under pressure nonetheless.

“It will be some difficult weeks ahead, but the track we are publishing today is very reassuring and encouraging given where we are sitting today in the pandemic.”

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