Manchester City can sign a goal for cheaper than expected – the club will now have € 16-18 million

This week, there have been several reports from Brazil about the European hunt for Internacional striker Yuri Alberto.

It was first claimed that Manchester City were interested in the young man, with his agent André Cury reportedly confirming the chase. Then it was said that the player had a verbal agreement with Milan.

Meanwhile, the price of the move would still be an issue. Because Yuri Alberto is protected by a € 60 million release clause, and that would be the first claim from Internacional. Then it was said that they would start negotiating from € 20 million.

Now that Calcio Mercato has an update on history today, they are coming up to clarify many of these rumors.

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Their report first excludes the agreement between Yuri Alberto and Milan, claiming that no agreement has been reached so far. Then sources from Internacional also told them that no official offer of 10 million euros has come from Rossoneri yet.

Now with regard to the news, which should be more in Manchester City’s interest, it is said that the Brazilian club will have at least € 16-18 million. for the transfer. It’s definitely a more encouraging price than previously reported, and if Pep Guardiola’s side are really interested, it looks like there’s still time to go and pick up the striker.

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