Mariah Carey claps back at the idea that Nick Cannon’s other children are her “step siblings” with her children

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon once shared an association in marriage and have two children together, but apparently their children’s connection to Cannon’s larger family ends there. At least that’s what Mariah Carey hinted at in a recent interview, when she apparently clapped back at the thought that Nick Cannon’s other children are “step-siblings” with their common children.

The pop singer spoke recently AND about her upcoming special Mariah’s Christmas: The magic continues on Apple TV +, and the topic shifted to Mariah Carey’s ex-Nick Cannon and his ever-growing family. Kevin Frazier asked if any of their stepbrothers or step-sisters would celebrate Christmas the way she does, and Carey interrupted the question fairly quickly.

Is it a step? I do not think it is a step if you are not married to the person. I do not know about that. It’s something else – it’s another interview for you.

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