Marin County will be the first in the Bay Area to lift the mandate for the indoor mask

Marin County lifted its indoor mask mandate on Monday, making it the first in the Bay Area to stop requiring face clothing in almost every public place.

The county announced Friday that it had hit aggressive vaccination targets and reported consistently low COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, making it eligible under previously announced criteria to drop the mandate. Seven other Bay Area counties remain under local orders.

The change takes effect Monday noon. Anyone vaccinated will be able to remove masks in Marin County restaurants, bars, grocery stores, churches and most other indoor spaces. The county had already eased mask restrictions in certain environments, including gyms and offices, as long as everyone present was vaccinated.

Under the state mandate, masks will still be required in K-12 schools, and people who are not vaccinated must wear masks indoors at all times. Facial clothing is also required on public transportation and in almost all health environments. Companies can continue to require masks regardless of vaccination status.

“We established these criteria to ensure that the conditions were in place for us to take this step when we were ready. And we are ready,” said Dr. Matt Willis, the county health officer.

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