Mark McGowan introduces strict new vaccination rules for travelers in WA

Interstate travel to WA has become even more difficult, with Prime Minister Mark McGowan introducing a dual vaccination policy for coronavirus-affected states.

According to changes announced on Saturday, authorized travelers from low-, medium-, high- and extreme-risk jurisdictions will be required to be fully vaccinated to enter WA.

Currently, Victoria and NSW are considered extreme risk situations, while ACT is categorized as medium risk.

Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory are classified as very low risk.

“These travel conditions will better protect Western Australia and can be implemented under WA’s controlled border arrangements,” McGowan said.

“Our border control has worked and kept us safe, but will not be here forever.

“Once we get our vaccination rate up, we need to remain careful and vigilant and take all precautions.

“The Delta variant has increased transmissibility, is the dominant tribe around the world and has been central to outbreaks in NSW, Victoria and ACT.”

The new requirement takes effect from kl. 12.01 Friday, November 5 for medium, high and extreme risk jurisdictions.

For jurisdictions classified as low-risk, the new rules will take effect on November 15.

Currently, no Australian jurisdiction is classified as low risk.

Anyone under the age of 12 or with a recognized medical condition is exempt from the new rules on double vaccination.

“This new requirement is based on health advice for the benefit of Western Australians and keeping us safe,” said Health Minister Roger Cook.

“With the vaccines readily available to people across the country, it means that people have had sufficient time and opportunity to be fully vaccinated before traveling.

“We need to be vaccinated, maintain our good personal hygiene and practice all our COVID-safe measures to keep COVID at bay and protect our lifestyle.”

Cornavirus-ravaged Victoria and NSW have introduced double vaccination rules for travel between the two states.

But WA has gone a step further.

It will not allow travel to WA from even lower risk jurisdictions, such as ACT, which is classified as medium risk.


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