Meghan Markle mocked as Australian TV host slaps “garbage” poetry in Duchess’s book of poems | Royal | News

Sky News Australia host Rowan Dean targeted Meghan Markle after she released a new video promoting her book, The Bench. While speaking in a colleague’s show, Mr Dean hit a recent video of the Duchess of Sussex reading her poem, branding the footage as “garbage” as he insisted it was “torture” to listen to the poem . He added that the video should come with a trigger warning because of how bad it is.

Sir. Dean said, “Chris, I have to say, I have to be honest, it’s Friday night and I thought we were boyfriends.

“I’ve been to your radio show and TV show, and you’ve been to my TV show, we’ve got beer, chicken thighs and pizza together.

“What kind of friend would inflict on their boyfriend having to spend three minutes watching that waste from Meghan Markle.”

The Sky News Australia host then went on to criticize the quality of Meghan’s work in The Bench.

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He said: “It was like waterboarding, it was like torture, I screamed in pain.

“None of her poetry rhymes, none of it scans, if it does not fit, she just drops a syllable and puts an apostrophe in its place.

“None of it makes any sense, it’s boring as bat excrement.

“It’s so bad, and it’s worse than one of those cat videos getting stuck in your head.

It is said that 2,000 copies of the book were sent free of charge to a list of schools and libraries in the United States.

An institution in Los Angeles even received one copy per year. children, they fit.

Since 1919, the Assistance League of LA has improved the quality of life for vulnerable children and families.

On Tuesday, the organization thanked Meghan Markle for her donation via social media.

They posted pictures of the kids showing off their brand new books and thanked the Duchess of Sussex.

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