Melbourne Covid-19 protest: Man in Nazi concentration camp uniform triggers rage

A man waving a ‘story repeats’ sign in a striped uniform has sparked outrage in Melbourne as witnesses say things quickly became violent.

Footage of a man waving a “story repeats” sign in what appears to be a copy of a Nazi concentration camp uniform has been slammed by civil rights activists as ‘sack Dan’ protesters flocked to Melbourne CBD in Saturday. has obtained a video of the man in the striped outfit protesting against Covid-19 restrictions in an indiscriminate figure on Flinders Street by apparently comparing them to the Holocaust when someone is heard shouting “you racist” in the background.

According to the chairman of the Anti-Defame Commission, Dvir Abramovich, who sent the footage, the woman who filmed the “shameful” protest also witnessed a quarrel between the man and a passer-by.

The woman said police failed to move the man further in the beginning because “he had the right to free speech” and detained a woman who “physically attacked” him.

“I spoke to the witness who filmed this, a Jewish woman in her 50s who has Holocaust survivors in her family,” Mr Abramovich said.

“Together with her friend, they approached the man holding the banner and told him that he is an absolute disgrace to compare himself to Holocaust survivors.

“Then a group of young people came to him and scolded the individual for drawing comparisons with the extermination of millions.”

According to the woman behind the camera, Mr Abramovich told, “the case escalated” when a woman in her 40s allegedly attacked the man.

The witness said the woman was removed by police and when they questioned the officers about the man, they were told that “he was entitled to freedom of expression”.

Eventually, he was moved on by a “police chief”. has contacted Victoria Police for a comment.

In response to the incident, Mr Abramovich issued the following statement: “No, Victoria will not become Nazi Germany, and those who oppose the vaccination mandate and proposed pandemic laws must stop using their ugly tactics.

“There is no equivalence between public health measures, laws and vaccinations aimed at saving lives for the Holocaust, where six million Jews and millions of others were slaughtered and burned in the gas chambers.

“Nothing in Australia even comes close to the indescribable atrocities committed on an industrial scale by the Nazis, and to suggest that we are on our way to Auschwitz is beyond words and separate from reality.

“Such outrageous equations are insensitive and detract from the darkest period in history.

“Imagine the pain Holocaust survivors who lost family members would feel walking down the street would feel by seeing this person.

“They should not be made victims again of the cynical exploitation of their pain and suffering, nor should the families of the brave diggers who sacrificed their lives to defeat the Third Reich.

“People can, of course, express their disagreement with government policy, but they should not appropriate the Holocaust to advance their cause.”

Elsewhere in Melbourne on Saturday, hundreds of anti-Daniel Andrews protesters came down to the CBD to protest against compulsory vaccinations and pandemic laws.

A massive group was seen spreading pro-Trump slogans calling for the dismissal of Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, amid a heated debate over mandatory vaccines and growing frustration with the state government.

The group, estimated to be over 1,000, gathered outside the Victorian parliament on Saturday and protested against forced Covid vaccines, ongoing restrictions on unvaccinated and controversial new pandemic laws.

Protesters could be heard shouting “kill the bill” in reference to laws that were controversial rushing through the lower house earlier in the week.

The laws will give the prime minister the power to declare a pandemic for three months at a time and allow health minister Martin Foley to sign public health orders without the health chief’s approval and is set to replace the powers of state of emergency in December.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews and Labor MPs have come under intense criticism over the legislation, which critics claim would give their government unprecedented power.

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