Missing autistic teen found safe after five days

A Lara teenager has been found safe and well after being missing for five days, police said late on Wednesday.

Earlier, mother Sandra Tomasevic has issued a desperate plea for help to find Lyla, 13, who is on the autism spectrum.

Lyla, 13, was found after five days missing.

Lyla, 13, was found after five days missing.

Tomasevic said she had last seen Lyla when she went to the home of family members in Norlane about 9pm on Friday.

Lyla is believed to have left the Tennyson Street property in the early hours of Saturday.

Members of the public had reportedly spotted Lyla at a McDonald’s restaurant in Pakenham on Monday.

“It’s just so out of character,” Tomasevic had said earlier.

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