More than half of Omicron cases in the UK are in double stakes | Coronavirus

More than half of those infected with the Omicron coronavirus variant in the UK were double-edged, health officials have said, as the number of cases detected in the UK continues to rise sharply.

A further 16 cases have been found in Scotland within the last 24 hours, five times the increase recorded the day before, some of which are linked to a Steps concert in Glasgow 11 days ago. Wales also announced its first case on Friday and several cases have been discovered in the UK, although exact new figures remained unconfirmed on Friday night.

The sharp increase in cases came when a new risk assessment from the UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) said the new variant “spreads quickly and successfully”. A separate analysis from the agency of the first 22 Omicron cases in England also found that more than half of those infected had contracted double stings.

Twelve of the 22 cases occurred more than 14 days after the individual had received at least two doses of vaccine. Two cases were more than 28 days after a first dose of vaccine. Six were unvaccinated while two had no data available.