Mountain Lifestyle Outlet has been broken into three times in the span of one year – Kelowna News

$40,000 worth of damage

The owner of Mountain Lifestyle Outlet in Rutland says he is both frustrated and disheartened after a break and enter at the store early Sunday morning that resulted in $40,000 of damage to equipment and bikes.

Mike Clarke says the incident happened at 4:50 a.m.

He says this is the third time his shop has been broken into this year.

“They did not take anything, but they did damage to the property and several bikes trying to take a bike out. This is the second break-in in three months. They obviously knew what they were trying to focus on because the bike they were trying to take was a $9,000 electric mountain bike.”

Clarke says an individual came in through a window.

“They threw all of the bikes off of a rack, went through the store. That bike was actually chained up in the store so they went back and got some cable cutters to cut the lock and grabbed the bike. They tried to get out of the store a few different ways. They then realized they had to go back through the hole and then when they were almost back to the window the police showed up and scared them away.”

Clarke says no arrests were made and the Kelowna RCMP are currently investigating.

“The amount of damage is a pretty big kick in the pants. I don’t know whether it is the area of town we are in because we are on a major road that we have issues with. What I learned after the last break-in is that the bicycle theft industry is humongous in Kelowna,” Clarke added.

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