Netflix brings Real Life Squid Game to Downtown LA in new video

Netflix has brought its hit Korean series Squid Game to life in downtown LA, and recreated a series of children’s games depicted in the show.

Netflix brought Play squid to life in downtown LA in a fun and spooky new video. The Korean hit series took the world by storm when it was released on September 17th. The show is characterized by its deadly spin on traditional children’s games and has proven to be a popular inspiration for those celebrating Halloween in 2021. Already now retailers have revealed a massive sales increase as a result of the show. Vans reported a huge increase of 7800% in the purchase of white slip-ons, while boohooMAN declared a 170% increase in searches for red jumpsuits.

As Play squid steadily being born into the global pop culture, it has, predictably, led some fans to try to recreate the dramatized children’s games represented in the show. The series, directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, depicts a selection of funny childhood classics, especially well-known to the Korean audience. Ranging from internationally renowned competitions such as Tug of War and Red, Light, Green Light, the show also includes a number of more obscure games such as its namesake Squid Game and Dalgona Candy, where players must cut shapes out of honeycomb. Each of these otherwise innocent games was thrown into the series as the contestants competed for their lives and promised a huge cash prize. Fears that fans might take their attempts at recreation too far have already led to a school district ban in New York Play squid inspired costumes.

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Now it seems Netflix has helped to bring Play squid to life with a “Halloween surprise“in LA. In a video shared on the streamer’s Twitter page, fans and locals in Koreatown were invited to play a number of the games depicted in the show, including Ddakji and Red Light, Green Light. Managed by several people in red jumpsuits, the participants appear sufficiently excited about the opportunity to participate without any fatal risk.Check out the video below:

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Squid games success quickly became visible to the platform and became its most popular show, smashing the viewer record in 2021 with over 3 billion minutes streamed in its second week. As the hope of Hwang, the series has resonated with viewers internationally. The director’s insistence on creating related characters, some of which were based on his own experiences, and placing them in a flawed capitalist society, ensured that the audience would have empathy with the show.

Although no one could have foreseen the extent of Squid games success, its impact on pop culture is likely to be made very clear this Halloween. With fans of all ages preparing to adorn their respective red and green costumes, this latest event from Netflix will undoubtedly whet the appetite of those hoping for more content from the show. While Hwang is not in a hurry to film Play squid season 2, its possibility remains open and viewers are daring in their interest. As October 31st approaches, support for the show is at its most visible, and though Netflix may have brought it Play squid to life on a local scale, the series provides the perfect inspiration for Halloween-style festivities.

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