New book that scares lots of ghost stories coming out of Baraboo

BARABOO, Wis. (WMTV) – A new book scares lots of ghost stories coming out of Baraboo.

“Writing this book was the highlight of 2020 for me,” said co-author Gwen Herrewig. “I was so happy to get to know Baraboo through the residents’ haunted stories,”

The book is called Haunted Baraboo. Herrewig and her co-author Shelley Morini explored dozens of high-profile stories that people have shared for decades.

“We interviewed over 45 people for the book, and it was important for both of us to have first-hand experiences of these haunts, because haunted stories, like fishing stories, tend to get bigger and bigger the more they are told,” Herrewig said.

The authors checked companies in the center, the Al Ringling mansion, even private homes.

“Al Ringling’s mansion on Broadway Street is a large castle-like building downtown and tends to have a lot of activity inside,” Herrewig said.

One of the scariest stories they came across is the legend of the Highway 12 Hitchhiker.

“The most famous ghost we have in baraboo is the hitchhiker on Highway 12. What happens is when people drive along Highway 12, they come across a man walking along the road. And he walks with the traffic, so he get their backs to them, “said Herrewig.” And then they walk past him, and a mile down the road they see him again. The same army greens, the backpack goes down the side of the road, ”

Herrewig also noted that the old Baraboo Inn is particularly eerie.

“The old Baraboo Inn is notoriously known as one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin,” she said. “The basement is pretty spooky, it has a dirty floor, it’s old, you can see it has a lot of history in it,”

You can find Haunted Baraboo at bookstores like Barnes & Noble. You can also buy it on Amazon for $ 32.99.

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