New case numbers, booster change incoming

Queensland’s The Omicron wave is expected to peak in days as the state prepares to expand its booster rollout.

Health officials have said the peak is expected by the end of next week, first in the Gold Coast and Brisbane before moving towards the regions.

Queensland has registered about 250,000 cases so far, but Chief Health Officer Dr. John Gerrard has said the real number is likely to be closer to a million because of people managing their illness at home themselves.

COVID-19 testing will be conducted on the Gold Coast earlier this month.
Queensland’s Omicron summit is expected this week. (Getty)

The waiting time between the second vaccine dose and the booster injection will be shortened in Queensland from tomorrow, as the state creeps closer to the 90 percent double-dose mark.

From Monday, the waiting time for the booster will be cut down to three months in accordance with jurisdictions such as NSW.

Queensland currently sits at an 89 percent double-dose vaccination rate.

Some restrictions are already being eased, with the removal of quarantine for vaccinated international travelers coming into force yesterday.

Queensland yesterday registered 16,031 new COVID-19 cases along with 13 deaths.

Queensland Chief Health Officer John Gerrard has said the state’s vaccination campaign has prevented the health care system from being flooded by the Omicron wave.

Coles Eastgardens

How Australia faced the emergence of the Omicron variant

“If vaccination were not widespread, we would not be talking about 850 people in the hospital, but instead there would be thousands,” said Dr. Gerrard.

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