New video shows Heidi Planck in Downtown LA less than an hour after she was last seen – CBS Los Angeles

IRVINE (CBSLA) – A new video has surfaced of 39-year-old Heidi Planck showing her in downtown Los Angeles less than an hour after leaving her son’s football game in Downey on October 17, the day she was last seen.

The never-before-seen safety belt by Planck in downtown LA shows her walking her dog in an alley behind the Hope and Flower Building, where her dog was found just hours later wandering around the 28th floor alone.

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“Her dog did not come into town alone. So this video has kind of given us a confirmation that floating around in that area for the last three weeks has been the right place to be. Now we know for sure that she was “That’s the first real proof we have of it,” said one of Planck’s friends.

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Until CBSLA got this video from a resident of downtown LA, police listed the 39-year-old mother as missing from Downey.

She was seen leaving her home in Palm that Sunday afternoon on her way to her son’s fight. She left that fight during the break with her dog and was never seen again.

Her friends are now hoping that this new lead that puts Planck at the center can bring a break to the matter.

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“Encourage someone to come forward and tell us more about what she could have done in that area,” said friend Danielle Nadolny. “With the short time between the video and the dog being found, it looks like it may have been the last place anyone saw her.”

Friends, however, still have questions.

“It strikes me that she does not have her purse. If you look closely, she has a mask in her right hand, the dog walks with her, he waggles his tail. So I think the mask clearly indicates that she is entering a building or an intention to enter a building of some kind, ”said her friend Natalie John.

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“If she was on her way back to that building, how did she get in again? If it’s such a safe building and she had nothing on, how did she get in again,” said another friend.

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While Planck’s friends fear the worst, they do not give up hope. They said they plan to continue searching the downtown LA area with photos of their missing friend


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