New York would be zero for a ‘zombie apocalypse’

I’m dying here!

Empire State is “the worst” place to be in the United States if a zombie apocalypse hits us, according to an analysis of burial sites from before Halloween.

With nearly 12.7 million corpses buried in the state’s 9,730 cemeteries, there would be more potential carnivorous ghouls’ skull king around the streets of Gotham than anywhere else, the data shows.

Neighboring states of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut were ranked as the second, 10th, 12th and 29th worst places to live during a zombie apocalypse, respectively.

The best place to avoid the undead is Alaska, followed by Wyoming, Nevada, Hawaii and Delaware, according to the online gaming and casino site.

The study looked at “concentrations of graves” across the country via’s Find a Grave website during and included data from 289,000 U.S. cemeteries.


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