Niantic made a new cryptocurrency game with Fold

A new cryptocurrency game from Niantic and Fold allows you to mine for Bitcoin in augmented reality similar to Pokémon GO.

Fold announced the new experience in a blog post Tuesday. In the announcement, the company discusses how it wanted to bring the meta-verse to life in a way that promotes human freedom and happiness through Bitcoin and fun.

Fold AR is like Pokémon GO, but for crypto mining

Fold AR experience
Fold the AR experience displayed on a smartphone screen. Image source: Fold

The basic premise behind Fold AR is to go around collecting Bitcoin by breaking blocks. These blocks spawn once every 10 minutes within a distance of 1 to 50 feet from the player. The timing is intended to symbolize the time it takes to mine for one Bitcoin.

Once a block is created, players will tap it to reveal a puzzle. Once they complete the puzzle, they will be rewarded with their crypto. Currently, the rewards include Satoshis, the smallest Bitcoin device and extra spins for rewards on your Fold Card, as well as time extensions and orange pills that protect you from “harmful surprises”.

While playing the game, you will have to avoid various obstacles like poison pills that threaten to remove the Bitcoin you have earned so far.

A full version is coming in 2022

Fold AR phone screens
Several screenshots showing what the Fold AR experience looks like. Image source: Fold

The current version of the Fold AR experience is a beta only, Fold announced. The full experience will come sometime in 2022, and it will serve as a “natural extension of the Fold app”. People who are already cardholders at the company can also collect extra spins and boosts for rewards on their Fold Card, but the experience will be open to everyone.

When the full version drops, you will also be able to trade, find and hide Bitcoin around the world. Fold also says merchants will be able to engage directly with the community to offer incentives and other rewards.

“We believe that Bitcoin is really just a game,” wrote Will Reeves, CEO of Fold, and David Steinbroner, Community Manager, in the announcement. “And there are millions of people around the world who are already playing this game every day, working to acquire Bitcoin through mining, trading, shilling and earning in pursuit of economic freedom; all while avoiding the villains of inflation, monetary control , censorship and other forms of financial degradation. “

You can access the Fold AR experience through the Fold app on iOS and Android.

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