NICKMERCS claims Ash means Wraith “is no more” in Apex Legends

FaZe Clan content creator and Twitch streamer NICKMERCS has shared his concerns about Wraith ahead of Ash’s addition to Apex Legends in season 11: Escape.

Details of Apex Legends season 11 are finally widespread – confirming the addition of Ash and big buffs to Static Defender Wattson.

Lots of debate has surrounded Ash’s abilities since they were confirmed by Respawn. Her passive, called Market For Death, allows her to interact with recently lost coffins on the map to reveal the location of the killing team. Her tactical, called Arc Snare, allows her to throw a spinning snare that damages and ties the first enemy that comes too close.

Finally, her Ultimate Phase is called Breach. This sees her open a portal that can be phased through, but unlike the Wraith, it can be opened upwards to access elevated positions.

Ask in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

Ash becomes Apex Legends’ 19th playable character.

When NICKMERCS saw these abilities in his livestream on October 29, NICKMERCS immediately expressed his concerns about Wraith, suggesting that she “is no more” when Ash falls into the game.

“Is this the new character?” he said. “Wow. Woah. So you like to aim … this is her Ult, I’m assuming. Holy sh * t. Holy sh * t. Yo, that’s crazy. Oh, that’s like a Wraith “Port? Then she is no more.”

Lots of Apex Legends players have previously compared Ash to Wraith and Octane, and many suggest that their electives may drop significantly as a result of her participation in the Apex Games.

He elaborated on his thoughts and commented that he thinks an early nervous for Ash could be on the cards.

“I love it, I love it!” he said of Ash’s abilities. “Yes [she’ll get nerfed]. That’s the way. Remember, when Seer came out, he was crushed like f ** k. “

It remains to be seen how balanced Ash is when she falls, but it is likely she will see some adjustments depending on the player’s feedback and the data Respawn accumulates.

There is plenty of other content to look forward to, including the new bright and tropical Storm Point map.

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