Nixed concept art for Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss

WWE apparently had an idea to make a live-action Firefly Fun House.

This is according to tattoo artist and illustrator Kyle A. Scarborough, who noted on Twitter that Bray Wyatt was willing to do so, but only if he could play the characters. The idea did not reach TV.

He tweeted, “Funny facts: WWE wanted to bring #FireflyFunHouse to life, but @ Windham6 would only do so if he played the characters himself. Only one was mocked, and this would have been the concept for FFH Huskus. It was suggested, but ultimately put on the shelf. “

Scarborough also shared the concept art of a mask / makeup combination for Alexa Bliss, who paired with The Fiend before parting ways on WrestleMania 37 as she helped Randy Orton defeat him.

Wyatt is now a free agent after his competition clause with WWE expired on Friday. On Thursday, he removed all WWE references from his social media accounts and also changed his name.

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